Cantilevered bench


Designers StokkeAustad presented a cantilevered bench with a concrete base at an exhibition called Norwegian Prototypes  during the London Design Festival last month.

The bench is part of a seating system that allows several benches to be connected in a variety of arrangements.

The project was commissioned by Norwegian sustainable timber producersKebony, to explore and demonstrate the potential of using their engineered softwoods in outdoor furniture.

The timber will gradually age during its time exposed to the elements but the designers say it will maintain its hard-wearing physical properties.

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Photos are by Hans Fredrik Asbjørnsen.

Here’s more info from StokkeAustad:

The project is a collaboration between StokkeAustad and Kebony. StokkeAustad was commissioned by Kebony to look at the possibilities of using their product in outdoor furniture.

Kebony is a new Norwegian company that has developed and patented a process that transforms the qualities of normal softwoods into those of hardwood.

They use the waste products form the sugar industry to dramatically improve the properties of the wood making it longer lasting, hard wearing, maintenance free, and basically a viable replacement for rainforest timber.

StokkeAustad wanted to explore the possibilities of making a bench system that is flexible in how it is mounted.


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