ERDC @ Ecuador


the ‘concrete, wood, and glass living space’ began by erasing the notions of what a labeled space ‘should’ be, that is to say that when designing a house,
there are a certain set of criteria that are followed in all homes. ecuadorian practice ERDC deconstructed the archetype into the most simple,
flexible and modular parts that would create a space suited to accommodate almost any use, whether it be a public pavilion, a private meeting area, or some
hybrid use of the two. using some of the most basic elements – concrete, wood and glass – the standardized pieces fit together like a erector set whereby any
component can be used as several different structural elements. the massive concrete beams are made with the new hormi2 technology, a molded and expanded
polystyrene core is wrapped in a galvanized steel mesh and covered in concrete, providing all the necessary strength at a fraction of the weight and actual concrete.
the determined grid dictates that at every 1.2 meters there will be holes in the structural pieces that will be used to interlock, support, suspend, or provide passage
for pipe installations. wood screens encapsulate the space, adding the touch of warmth that makes it inhabitable, while glass panels begin to seal the interior off
from the exterior. visitors can easily see the logic of the structure and understand the building to its very core; everything is exposed, the form is the direct result of
its function.

pieces are stacked, interlocked, or suspended from one another
image © pablo puente

multi-use pavilion on an elevated space
image © pablo puente

wooden screen closes off the space
image © pablo puente

image © pablo puente

interior platform
image © pablo puente

image © pablo puente

floor made of recycled wooden palettes
image © pablo puente

inhabited with tables and chairs
images © pablo puente

wooden screen is lifted to connect to the outside
image © pablo puente

image © pablo puente

image © pablo puente

image © pablo puente

image © pablo puente

image © pablo puente

image © pablo puente

image © pablo puente

floor plan / level 0





project info:

project: 2012
architect: ERDC arquitectos – 2012 – javier mera – pablo puente – daniel moreno flores
collaborators: manuel mera, eduardo pazmiño, víctor bolaños, luis ramírez, daniel mera, paz villagomez, claudia ponce, diana callejas
location: ecuador, quito
client: hormi 2
engineering: fernando ramírez
builder: fernando ramírez – javier mera – pablo puente
material aspect: concrete, wood
floor area: 64m2



One response to “ERDC @ Ecuador

  1. External perspective is not one that appeals to me. Reminds me of an outdoor undercover area, common to the rear of Australian single level dwellings. I like the timber hung ceiling inside. Very calming.

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