Wairau House @ Wairau valley



located amidst the rural landscape of the wairau valley in northern new zealand, the ‘wairau home’ shares the company of groomed farms, orchards,
and vineyards quilted over the rolling hills. local practice parsonson architects conceived of the residence as an encampment of five private concrete
structures connected by a series of semi-exterior walkways and landscape elements that bring the user in constant communication with the outside.
the thin pitched roof components recall the agricultural architecture of the area, while the interior maintains a more contemporary feel with a rich
palette of wood, exposed concrete, and continuous expanses of glass that creates transparent thresholds to the scenic environment. the home is
organized throughout one level, remaining hidden in the pastoral context. the main volume to the north contains the central social space – kitchen,
living room, dining area, study, and den – with a satellite structure to the east that has two bedrooms, a workshop, and services, and anotehr wing to
the west where the more private quarters are located.  the footprint creates a general horseshoe outline that wraps around a central pool and also
gives each function of the dwelling a unique view to the horizon as well as to the central area of the residence. light steel columns hold up the
almost floating canopy that protects the solid concrete elements that sit structurally independent of the roof, creating a sort of connection between
all the spaces while providing visual privacy. the retractable glass walls turn the residential nature of the project into an exterior pool-side pavilion,
allowing the free movement of circulation and air through the entire structure.


open structure connects with the exterior landscape
image © paul mcCredie



concrete elements sit independently from the roof structure
image © paul mcCredie



image © paul mcCredie



a central pool is wrapped by different wings of the house in a U-shaped footprint
image © paul mcCredie



image © paul mcCredie



exterior gazebo following the same roof structure as the house but made of thin wooden planks
image © paul mcCredie



small yard with saplings
image © paul mcCredie



living room with a variety of wood textures
image © paul mcCredie



concrete walls delineate spaces while remaining open at the ceiling
image © paul mcCredie



image © paul mcCredie



kitchen and dining
image © paul mcCredie



view to the exterior
image © paul mcCredie



‘wairau house’ by parsonson architects, wairau valley, new zealand
image © paul mcCredie



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