Rose Residence and Office @ Tokyo

norisada maeda atelier: rose residence and office

first image
‘rose’ by norisida maeda atelier, minato-ku, tokyo, japan
all images courtesy of norisida maeda atelier

japanese practice norisida maeda atelier has shared with us their residence and office titled ‘rose’ in a suburb of tokyo. the reinforced concrete

cube implements a positive and negative space spatial concept, named the ‘recto’ and ‘verso’. the recto refers to the three large voids taken out of
the solid volume defined by the visible outer envelope, and contain the social functions such as the lounge parking and entry sequence all closely
connected with the exterior through a full-height glazed skin. the verso in turn is defined by the spaces that would be considered the positive space
within the ‘interior’ walls, and contain the introverted program: the bedroom, study, and garden. the areas where both conceptual forces collide exhibit
an interesting twist, with both characteristics visible it is somewhat unclear if the space is open or closed and creates a dynamic simultaneous expression
of solid and void. glass floor planes allow the user to understand the structural logic of the entire mass by slicing views through several levels and exposing
the curving walls of the removed blocks. a rather simple and raw material palette adds to a modest interior brought to life with the reflection of light off
the smooth carefully treated surfaces.



exterior spaces at entry level (left) and on the rooftop terrace (right)



kitchen and living room in the ‘recto’ spaces



curves concrete walls open on 3/4 sides to the exterior





garage space open to the outside, part of the ‘recto’



circulation space between the recto and verso





verso spaces, private study, lit from a skylight






view of the exterior of ‘recto’ volumes







bedroom with glass floor sections open to the spaces below



(left) entry hall
(right) bedroom







floor plan / level 0



floor plan / level 1



floor plan / level 2







project info:

architects: norisida maeda atelier: norisida maeda, principal in charge; haruyo takeuchi, katutoshi sasaki, project team

consultants: hirokazu in, structural
structural system: reinforced concrete
major materials: exposed concrete, steel, glass
site area: 150.18 m2
built area: 88.20 m2
total floor area: 305.41 m2




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