As part of his research on “good” design, designer Sebastian Müller created this piece as an expression of “neutral” design (ie neither “good nor “bad”). Identifying Apple as a love-em-or-hate-em phenomenon, the Mac seemed a good place to start – resulting finally in the creation of its opposite.

All functions were stripped away (no downloading, fileshareing, Internet browsing, music, photos or apps), usability reduced to the minimum (25 cubic centimetres of concrete being too big to carry but too small to sit on – the interface neither friendly nor intuitive) and finishing not given a seconds thought from the quality of materials (2Eur/kilo concrete) to quality of tooling (made from wood from workshop bins) or quality of its under-an-hour of craftsmanship. Edges left ragged and crumbling, this truly is something from the nightmares of Mr. Jobs.


Interestingly, Sebastian’s attempts at “good” and “bad” design were a water jug and a toy gun respectively. You can read more here.

Sebastian is a graduate of the Staatliche Akademie der Bilden Künste Stuttgart and part of the Master of European Design programme.



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