G-Star @ Bread & Butter, Berlin


G-Star sure made a statement when they set up shop at Berlin’s Bread & Butter annual tradeshow. The concrete-like structure was constructed the Dutch production creatives at Sightline, who took inspiration from G-star’s ‘Raw’ denim collection to create their booth. The indoor/outdoor exhibition was built using raw materials such as unfinished wood and concrete, then complemented with glossy yellow accent pieces and shiny metal flooring. The team introduced circular cut-out’s in the ceiling to add white lighting, transformed motorcycle handlebars into cool hangers for the jeans, and added a cool white rhino behind glass. The indoor areas acted as a museum like display for G-Star’s urban collection, while the design of the outdoor aided in drawing people in for a relaxed social setting while interacting with G-star products in multiple types of clever displays.






(Photography: G-Star)


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