Private Home and Showroom @ Bologna

Located in Bologna, Italy, this private home doubles as a showroom and was designed by Iosa Ghini Associati.

The home has enough of the traditional and innovative to be both cozy and aesthetically interesting.






































Private Home and Showroom by Iosa Ghini Associati:

“A project of architecture and interior design, a new home-studio-workshop and showroom that contains several significant elements and original and recreates an environment largely livable, an innovative way of living.

The house and the private showroom designed by Massimo Iosa Ghini is a qualitative restructuring that returns the original structural apparatus, dating back to the last century rationalist, a dynamic composition, together with the component of conservation.

The result is a building of 600 sqm (6460 sq ft) located in a noble area of the city of Bologna.

Recovery, minimize consumption projects, ad hoc elements, high-quality aesthetics and materials, comfort are the key words of the recent project.

The objective of the initiative was to create a concrete example of sustainable design, for restructuring, which takes into account the costs of the building, with a concrete relationship between investment costs, actual consumption and qualification, by controlling the aesthetic result.

The architectural project mainly consisted of redefining the southern facade, seen as the main collector of solar energy. The existing wall was demolished to make way for a facade diaphragmed from screens for plant protection during the summer, while during winter it serves as a collector of solar energy by direct absorption.

Different rooms of the house including the fitness area, the living room, and private study by Massimo Iosa Ghini have become at specific design of tailor-made products which refer to the style made ​​in Italy, some of which are already in production.”


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