In love with Ductal®: nursery and housing project on rue pierre budin


The project
The City of Paris appointed Dominique Marrec of ECDM with design of the Pierre Budin Daycare in the 18th arrondissement of Paris, France. The low-energy building at the corner of Rue Poissonnière and Rue Budin has a façade which covers 520 m²; is vertically and horizontally wavy and made entirely of white titanium Ductal® with organic fibres. The prefabricated Ductal® panels are used as siding and will provide watertightness for the façade in front of the building’s exterior insulation. The south façade is devoid of openings for soundproofing purposes with regard to Rue Poissonnière.

Characteristics of the project

Light, insulated and watertight façade in Ductal®

Sustainable and resistant precasted façade panels

Exceptional insulation/wall thickness ratio

Quick and simple mounting

Key points

• Location: Paris, France

• Completion: May 2012

• Client: Ville de Paris
• Architect: Agence ECDM (Emmanuel Combarel & Dominique Marrec)
• Engineer: C&E Ingéniérie

facade distorts shadows
images © luc boegly

images © luc boegly

black charred wood residential unit atop the building

(left) how the structure meets the public sidewalk
image © luc boegly
(right) facade profile
image © benoît fougeirol

distorted shadows on the undulating facade
image © luc boegly

street elevation with various windows
image © benoît fougeirol

(left) corridor
image © ecdm
(right) bathing and changing areas
image © luc boegly

image © benoît fougeirol

corridor along the coutyard
image © benoît fougeirol

image © benoît fougeirol

image © benoît fougeirol

rooftop terrace and courtyard
image © benoît fougeirol

image © ecdm

site plan

floor plan / level 0

floor plan / level 1

floor plan / level 2




precast concrete panel construction detail

facade texture model
image © ecdm


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