funeral home @ sant joan despi


first image
‘funeral home in sant joan despi ‘ by batlle i roig arquitectes, barcelona, spain
image © jordi surroca
all drawings courtesy of batlle i roig arquitectes


the new ‘funeral home in sant joan despi’ in the outskirts of barcelona by spanish studio batlle i roig arquitectes is strategically located
between a decaying cemetery and the fontsanta park with gentle hills covered in lush greenery. the brief called for a new structure that
would dignify the entrance to the cemetery and provide updated facilities for the preparation and mourning of the deceased, all the while
unifying the surrounding sites on an urban scale with a structure that is beautiful and efficient. the exposed concrete construction carefully
finds its partially-subterranean site to integrate park and tomb, standing as a simple yet powerful geometry that serves to capture the
movement of light through space. two distinct zones are immediately understood upon entering the facility: an open public area used to
hold proceedings and provide a peaceful space for contemplation, and a closed-off private section housing the technical and logistical services
to the funeral home such as the preparation room or casket  storage.


the entry facade is characterized by a low horizontal shell that frames an open space marked by a threshold of repetitive slender columns
that help manifest the passage of time through the changing shadows on the natural stone floor. immediately inside, the visitor is brought
to a quiet open-air courtyard in front of a stone wall, where the sky is framed within a protected space ideal for quiet reflection or mourning.
these patios are located throughout the various structures that follow the axis established by the existing cemetery. the new structure on the
north side of the site integrates the parking lot and cemetery while respecting the presence of the adjacent park without encroaching onto
the reforested areas.



front facade
image © jordi surroca



image © jordi surroca



concrete structure punctuated with corten columns
image © jordi surroca



image © jordi surroca



internal courtyard
image © jordi surroca



image © jordi surroca



image © jordi surroca



entrance facade
image © jordi surroca



interior lobby
image © jordi surroca



interior patios bring in natural light and provide space for contemplation
image © jordi surroca



altar space
image © jordi surroca



public area used for proceedings
image © jordi surroca



interior patio
image © jordi surroca


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