Exit 4 Coffee Table


Sticks+Stones Furniture have designed the Exit 4 Coffee Table, made using either walnut or pine with a concrete top.


From Sticks+Stones Furniture

Sometimes design can simply be for sheer fun, and inspiration can come in the most unexpected places.

Our new Exit 4 coffee table’s creation came after a drive along the scenic Sea to Sky Highway from Vancouver to our studio in Squamish, B.C in 2012.

Called one of the most beautiful drives in the world, and featuring snow-capped mountain vistas and ocean views, the winding road also offered interesting man-made features that caught our imagination – like the rounded metal signs that guide us on our travels. Those signs – and specifically the Caulfeild exit (hence Exit 4) inspired what we like to call a “metro retro” design.

Available in Walnut or Pine with a natural coloured concrete tabletop, the piece took many hours to find just the right balance between the materials. But, once we beveled the ends to make it more streamlined and appealing, it’s like bringing a piece of street chic to your living space.

ex_300513_13-940x627 ex_300513_12-940x589 ex_300513_11-940x627  ex_300513_09 ex_300513_08-940x627 ex_300513_07 ex_300513_06-940x1229 ex_300513_05-940x582 ex_300513_04-940x624 ex_300513_03-940x624 ex_300513_02-940x624


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