Casa Kimball @ the Dominican Republic

The Rangr Studio architecture firm was tasked with developing the ultimate Caribbean retreat for an upscale New York client.  Casa Kimball was the result, a sprawling white-stoned contemporary home on the north coast of the Dominican Republic.  Casa Kimball was built using local materials and construction workers, who built the home to spec using reinforced concrete encased in the bright coral stone that shines in these images.  The rest of the home was designed to have an invisible line between the interior and exterior, allowing the gentle ocean breezes to flow through the home providing a naturally conditioned temperature.  If that’s not cool enough for its inhabitants, there’s always the 150 foot infinity pool in the home’s central terrace…  Mind if we take a dip? [rangr studio via archdaily, photos by hilary ferris white]

casa-kimball_dominican-republic_by-rangr-studio_15 casa-kimball_dominican-republic_by-rangr-studio_14 casa-kimball_dominican-republic_by-rangr-studio_13 casa-kimball_dominican-republic_by-rangr-studio_12 casa-kimball_dominican-republic_by-rangr-studio_11 casa-kimball_dominican-republic_by-rangr-studio_10 casa-kimball_dominican-republic_by-rangr-studio_9 casa-kimball_dominican-republic_by-rangr-studio_8 casa-kimball_dominican-republic_by-rangr-studio_7 casa-kimball_dominican-republic_by-rangr-studio_6 casa-kimball_dominican-republic_by-rangr-studio_5 casa-kimball_dominican-republic_by-rangr-studio_4


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