Elm and Willow House @ Melbourne, Australia

Elm and Willow House by Architects EAT

In this writer’s opinion, Melbourne, Australia is ground zero for progressive design, a city and surrounding area so focused on progressive architecture that it has earned the attention of the world.  The Elm and Willow House by Architects EAT is the latest in that city’s progress, a design centered on sustainable living and inspired by the modern works of the past, specifically the great Farnsworth House by Mies van der Rohe in Illinois.

The home has been raised above its plot in order to sustain the life of the trees around which is was built.  Its concrete and steel structure gives way to wide open glass walls that slide to bring the nature of the plot into its interior.  It is a home in the most natural sense, a design which is as much about the environment as it is about its own structure.  We first saw this project many weeks ago, but of course the good people at ArchDaily came through with spectacular photographs by Earl Carter & James Coombe.  Enjoy them below, and see the full set at ArchDaily.  [architects EAT via archdaily, photos by earl carter]

Elm and Willow House by Architects EAT

Elm and Willow House by Architects EAT

Elm and Willow House by Architects EAT

Elm and Willow House by Architects EAT

Elm-and-Willow-House-by-Architects-EAT-23 Elm-and-Willow-House-by-Architects-EAT-22 Elm-and-Willow-House-by-Architects-EAT-15 Elm-and-Willow-House-by-Architects-EAT-14 Elm-and-Willow-House-by-Architects-EAT-12 Elm-and-Willow-House-by-Architects-EAT-11 Elm-and-Willow-House-by-Architects-EAT-10 Elm-and-Willow-House-by-Architects-EAT-9 Elm-and-Willow-House-by-Architects-EAT-8 Elm-and-Willow-House-by-Architects-EAT-7 Elm-and-Willow-House-by-Architects-EAT-6 Elm-and-Willow-House-by-Architects-EAT-5 Elm-and-Willow-House-by-Architects-EAT-4 Elm-and-Willow-House-by-Architects-EAT-3 Elm-and-Willow-House-by-Architects-EAT-2


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