elevated concrete library @ malaga, spain


in a suburban neighborhood of malaga, spain, a place where it is ‘necessary to look at the sky to know what season you’re in, because there

are no pigeons, trees, or gardens that would indicate otherwise’, spanish practice castroferro arquitectos have created an elevated concrete
library with the goal of returning as much green public space to the community where it was previously lacking. by folding a large portion of
the skewed rectangular site below grade, the orthogonal shells that make up the library program located around the northern periphery appear
to float above the green courtyard and offer natural light to the administrative spaces and child care area through the glass partition and full-length
clerestory windows along the streets. each of the three volumes above grade offer a slightly different atmosphere dedicated to the areas of study,
linked by sections of inset glass tunnels. the first volume located next to the carport contains a quiet study area with individual rooms for privacy.
the largest block is used as the general reading area with larger conference sized tables and a soundproofed audiovisual section, while the final
structure contains rounded tables for a more social atmosphere.  all the constructs offer views of the created green area through a glass wall

view from the parking area
image © héctor santos-diez | bisimages

image © héctor santos-diez | bisimages

new public green space
image © héctor santos-diez | bisimages

ramp to the lower level
image © héctor santos-diez | bisimages

(left) full-height glass wall allows natural light inside and views of the exterior trees
(right) glass tunnels between concrete forms
images © héctor santos-diez | bisimages

main reading area and central stairs
image © héctor santos-diez | bisimages

lower-level reading area
image © héctor santos-diez | bisimages

street side facade
image © héctor santos-diez | bisimages

exterior closed off to the surrounding urban context
image © héctor santos-diez | bisimages

image © héctor santos-diez | bisimages

image © héctor santos-diez | bisimages

view from the public pathway
image © héctor santos-diez | bisimages





via: http://www.designboom.com/architecture/castroferro-arquitectos-elevated-concrete-library-in-malaga/


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