Port Adriano marina @ Mallorca

The Port Adriano marina is a pared down and elegant structure by Philippe Starck

Sited on the south-west bay of Palma de Mallorca, the capital of the Balearic Islands, it has, until now, been a rather disappointing docking space for yachts and speed boats

Inspired by his intense dislike for onsite car parking spaces, Starck’s mission was to create a structure that artfully concealed an underground car park below sea level

The structure’s most striking features are its colossal concrete columns, slatted wood roof…

… and the staircase, lit from beneath. To its left is the entrance to the parking lot

Design details include street lights inspired by standing lamps…

… handsome numbered steel mooring plates…

…and chic bollards

Port Adriano is not just a marina, but also features a carefully selected collection of local fashion, jewellery and nautical stores as well as an array of bars and eateries that serve a choice of locally sourced fare

The interior of Sansibar restaurant, which comprises over 30,000 different wines

The slated roof casts dramatic shadows on the decked terrace

Starck makes a (not so) grand arrival to the Marina


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