studio on number 17 @ granada, spain

elisa valero architectura: studio on number 17

‘studio on number 17’ by elisa valero architectura in granada, spain
all images courtesy elisa valero architectura
photographer: fernando alda

spanish architect elisa valero ramos has sent us images of ‘studio on number 17’, a tall and narrow
live-work project in one of the oldest neighbourhood of granada, spain. measuring only 3.60 m by
10 m, the design compensates its tight site by varying the ceiling height of the interior levels.

street view of garage level

referencing the traditional granada house, the multi-storey structure is closed to the street and
open to the sky and garden. the front elevation is marked by a series of narrow piercings that
perforate the surface in a regular rhythm. on the ground level, the entry is fronted with a panel
of sliding glass, lending transparency to the minimal interior. the pattern of the facade is continued
on the floor slab of the garage which features a number of rectangular apertures of structural glass.
the basement benefits from natural sunlight while, at night, creating a distinct lighting effect that
could be read from the street.

stacked on top of one another, the arrangement of the work area and living space is approached
in a pragmatic fashion. the careful manipulation of natural light and varying heights result in
a interior that does not lose from the narrowness of the plot. the stairs are situated at the back to
maintain an open layout of all floors while unnecessary compartmentalization is cut out from
the design to keep the central space free.

interior view

The raw concrete walls combined with the ceiling lights … awesome. Calling it an office building might be an exaggeration actually, it is quite small, it’s footprint measures only 10 by 3,6 meters.

rooftop terrace

fly-by view




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