praca de lisboa @ porto, portugal


‘praca de lisboa’ by balonas and menano architects, porto, portugal

image © pedro alves – photo attraction fotografia
portuguese practice balonas and menano architects have shared with us their recently completed project revitalizing a deteriorating square in the middle of porto. the structure takes topographical cues from the various inclinations of the site and extend an urban landscape with three layers of program.  on the top, a green roof offers a natural setting dotted with local olive trees that re-create the ‘porta do olival‘ gate, once an entry to the city. the middle level contains commercial space that connects to the existing lello bookstore and clérigos tower. prefabricated concrete components with white structural members make up the identifiable facade and provides shade for the interior. the ground level contains increased pedestrian areas and improves the existing parking lot. a transverse walkway cuts through the structure creating a safe passage across the site and divides the building into two masses with a point of spatial tension at the tallest point.

(left) point where the two roofs meet
(right) connection of the two planes forms a skylight
image © pedro alves – photo attraction fotografia

(left) underside of skylight
image © pedro alves – photo attraction fotografia
(right) facade elements

public commercial space
image © pedro alves – photo attraction fotografia

public commercial space


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