frill’ to tokyo @ Tokyo, Japan

komada architects office adds frill to tokyo's urban fabric

komada architects office adds ‘frill’ to tokyo’s urban fabric
photo © murasumi soichi
all images courtesy of komada architects office

japanese architects takeshi and yuka komada have extruded and carved a home and studio out of a single concrete mass. named for its curvaceous form, ‘frill’ accents the dense urban fabric of tokyo’s suburbs. the design began with a single serpentine line; as it progresses, spaces are enclosed. every corner is given a gentle radius, but some are carved away to create passages between the rooms. s one proceeds through the house, the perception of the disjunct interior changes based on how it is framed. looking along narrow corridors, the small dwelling seems spacious, but when doorways open to a solid wall, the volume becomes fore-shortened. unified by white concrete walls and square windows, the complex series of spaces informs different uses within the residential program.  on the ground floor, the large studio opens to the outdoors and can double as a gallery. upstairs, the bathroom is enclosed and encompassed by a hall that also functions as a library. off of this corridor are the main living and sleeping areas, and a stair leading up to the rooftop.

the first floor studio, opening to the back yard, can also be used as a gallery
photo © murasumi soichi

the house seems large and small when viewed from opposite angles
photo © murasumi soichi

(left): straight edges of interior casework and doors contrast sharply against smooth filleted corners
(right): elevated sleeping areas are accessed by stairs or ladders
photo © murasumi soichi

(left):  main living spaces are carved into the the thick sweep of the house’s filleted outline
(right): stairs lead to the ground floor and roof, while a ladder beyond leads to a loft
photo © murasumi soichi

rounded openings frame key details of other rooms in the house
photo © murasumi soichi

(left): detail of concrete construction at ceiling
(right): a single lines curves and is extruded to create the ‘frill’
photo © murasumi soichi

project info:


location: setagaya-ku, tokyo
structure: reinforced concrete, two-story first floor basement
primary use: residential
site area: 126.54 square meters
building area: 63.13 meters
total floor area: 139.63 square meters + loft 6.03 square meters
construction: engineering firm nakano


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