Weight Vases

What is a vase? How does it work?

Those were simple questions I asked myself for this historical object which
was created since Neolithic period.

I found that, all the vases in the world have a same basic principle to hold

There are 2 important parts which function differently. Top part (vase-mount),
has a duty to hold flower stem and base part, to hold water and also offer
a stability to the vase.

“Weight” brings a new perspective on a vase design by the separation of 2
different parts which support each other.

Water container made of concrete pile-up on a steel piece to give a stability
for holding flowers.

In the collection, there are 4 vases for different flower setting from single
flower to flowers panel.

Decha developed the project while studying at the ECAL ( University of Art
and Design Lausanne ) in 2011

Weight Vases
Designed by : ECAL / Decha Archjananun
Producer : Specimen Editions
Materials : Waterproof concrete, Powder coated steel
Steel Colour : Black


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