Bodegas Darien Winery @ La Rioja,Spain


Despite its young age, the Bodegas Darien Winery is perhaps the most iconic work of winery architecture in Spain today.  There are many others in this region alone that are highly regarded, including the Marqués de Riscal winery by Frank Gehry.  In our eyes, the design of Bodegas Darien is superior to the flair-without-function of Gehry’s Marqués de Riscal.  This winery feels at home in the terroir of La Rioja, a sculptural work of winery architecture that is as earthen and dynamic as the rocky environment around it. [architect: jesus marino pascual  photography: hans brinker]

Bodegas-Darien-Winery-6 Bodegas-Darien-Winery-5 Bodegas-Darien-Winery-4 Bodegas-Darien-Winery-3 Bodegas-Darien-Winery-2


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