Casa Rocas @ Santo Domingo, Chile


This amazing new project signed UN Arquitectura is located on the shores of South Pacific Ocean, featuring a Mediterranean windy climate. The Rock House is a place that enhances the spirit of freedom and makes you feel like a bird in the sky. The core of this dream home in Chile is a central patio just perfect if your desire is to sing with the birds in the sky. A gorgeous and refined home which combines modern appliances and furnishing with natural inspired accessories and a fresh central patio.




We can observe two types of materials used in completing this rock home project: concrete and black painted wood. The wood is actually serving as borderlines between spaces. The concrete structure is used in the public area, while the wooden one accommodates the bedrooms.





The interior is characterized by large areas of open space, especially when we are talking about the ground floor. At a closer look, the kitchen seems to borrow something from the 70s, very rich in circles and circular shapes, without being too much, though.


This house is a perfect zen island far away from the city buzz and daily stress. Do you find it relaxing as we do, dear readers?

The central patio is magnificent, quiet and very zen. It seems to keep a fresh and optimistic atmosphere, thanks to the large amount of green plants and.


One response to “Casa Rocas @ Santo Domingo, Chile

  1. Lots to take away from here. I always like the pavilion / compound home layout and this is cleverly and simply done with the materials used.

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