‘faux pli’ gourmet supermarket extension gmunden, austria


‘faux pli’ gourmet supermarket extension by archinauten
all images courtesy of archinauten

the extension of this high-end spar supermarket, ‘faux pli’ by austrian architects archinauten enhances the public space surrounding it. located on the bank of lake traunsee, in the town of gmunden, the building’s new facade invites visitors to stop, take a moment and enjoy the serene outlook. an integrated bench in the form of a ‘sunbed’ curves slightly upwards, providing shelter reminiscent of a traditional alcove. the comfortable wooden seats can be used all year-round with precast concrete elements that are of high quality – ensuring durability and elegance. indirect lighting under the long row of seating illuminates the immediate vicinity and makes the bench a unique feature along the esplanade at night. designed as a piece of urban furniture, the transparent glass facade encloses the new commercial space, so the existing structure is still visible from the outside.

south-west view in twilight, the facade merges into the surrounding promenade

the extension is an enlargement to the existing gourmet spar supermarket

facade in public use

the wooden bench seating allows people to enjoy the view of the lake from the other side

‘faux pli’ is located at the bank of gmunden, lake traunsee, upper austria

view of the lake and spar supermarket in its context

detail of the precast concrete components with view through to supermarket’s interior

lighting detail


gound on designboom.com


One response to “‘faux pli’ gourmet supermarket extension gmunden, austria

  1. A beautiful supermarket. I thought that was an oxymoron but this one proves me wrong – event to the extent of respecting the existing architecture and its environment.

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