RON-RON: Getaway house @ Guanacaste province, Costa Rica

A 4,500 square foot house in Costa Rica sure makes the best getaway house. The house is set inside a cliff overlooking the Costa Rican waters of the Guanacaste province. According to the main architect of the building, Victor Canas, “the location demanded a structure that embraces it”.

This residence was built for a young family with a small son to serve as a getaway house, a place to run away from busy city life. Because of the climatic conditions, the house is built equal space for the indoors and the outdoors. Due to this fact, virtually any borders between the two worlds were eliminated resulting in an amazing construction.

The house incorporates the beauty and purity of water everywhere it can. Besides this, it also offers astonishing panoramas over the ocean that are sure to set your mind free and help you relax. It is amazing how you can listen to the breaking waves as you sit on your pool deck, inches away from the ocean.

External walls were replaced with very large windows that provide a bright and natural environment. There is no worry about not having private spaces as intimacy is guaranteed by plain white curtains that block the view but still let light come to the inside.

Interiors are very neat and simple, use a lot of wood and rocks to bring the nature to the indoors. Neutral design of the hose is very relaxing and comfortable at the same time. The connection between the family room and two of the four bedrooms is made thru a wooden bridge.

The hallway is made of concrete and creates the illusion of stepping stones. Concrete was chosen as a material for this because it’s uniform, textured and while it’s man-made it still looks natural.


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