CONCRETE AUDIO markets a loudspeaker system which will delight enthusiasts for sound and purists alike.
The German loudspeaker manufacturer has developed an audiophile loudspeaker
of Luxury Class: made from concrete.
An ideal combination of plain concrete and state of the art interiors results into an exceptional
high-end loudspeaker, the N1.
Designed for people who want to enjoy music and directly targeted, dynamic, authentic and alive.
“The sound of a loudspeaker dependents largely on the quality of the speaker housing,” says Frank Nebel, head of
the company. “Unlike a musical instrument, an optimal speaker housing should not vibrate itself, because these
resonances would distort the sound of the speakers.” Nebel explains. “The shortcomings of existing audio
systems and the search for the perfect sound motivated us to develop a loudspeaker that will satisfy even the
highest demands in sound and listening experience.”
When planning the housing of the N1, to the developers, there was only one option of material: concrete.
CONCRETE AUDIO manufactures the loudspeaker housing from a special high-strength concrete with a
compressive strength of at least 30 N / mm ². This material is best suited due to its heavy weight and its
amorphous structure, to create a tranquil base for high-end loudspeakers. By means of a special casting
process, the housing is cast out of one single body with all sides closed and sealed. For reasons of sound, we
build our housing completely sealed and without a bass reflection-tuning. This way, we achieve an extremely
low factor of distortion and superior accuracy even at very high levels. CONCRETE AUDIO completes its
loudspeakers with selected high-end drivers and selected quality components from high purity copper, silver
and gold within the concrete housing can pursue their actual purpose: sound of perfection – unaffected by
interfering resonances.
The sound of a N1 is exceedingly brilliant and rich in detail. The loudspeakers seem to disappear and make
room for a lively room-filling acoustic firework.
Subtle nuances are felt and are available in high resolution in space. All instruments are clearly positioned in
the panoramic, fit structured clearly and naturally. Bass comes in, if it is needed. Here, the overall impression
remains pleasantly neutral. Nothing is added or taken away. Music in its original form.


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