planalto house @ sao paulo, brazil


planalto house by FC studio balances perpendicular volumes
all images courtesy of nelson kon

two large perpendicular volumes define the form of the ‘planalto house’ located in sao paulo by brazilian architects FC Studio. the 800sqm building’s functions are divided into rectangular prisms – the upper floor contains the intimate features, while the space underneath acts as a structural support and is used for service and social activities. the front entrance provides access to a 1.80 m wide corridor, located under a large overhang off the main floor. after passing through the service rooms initially, two flexible spaces are revealed: an indoor pavilion and a recreational barbecue zone. above, the top floor sits orthogonally to these areas below – creating a vertical connection between the two. the continuity of this large shape is broken by bays of double height with the stairs, giving a view to the fireplace-room at ground level. reinforcing the idea of independence between the two volumes, metal beams along the edge of the building run parallel to the street, exposing the house’s structural function. the materials used throughout are honest; concrete, wood and steel create a sense of texture and transparency, while at the same time contrast one another. to enhance the form’s floating, weightless appearance, the architects strategically used 200 mm thick concrete slabs, metal I beams and structural pillars. concrete walls divide the spaces, while large sliding glass doors bring the landscape into the house. built for a family, the urban ‘planalto house’ is an exemplary piece of brazilian contemporary architecture.

the 800sqm building’s functions are divided into two large perpendicular volumes

back facade

right side facade and concept schemes

a garden-terrace covers the main floor block of the garage and recreation area

double-height living space

interior view

vertical integration between the two volumes

view from the main entrance point


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