1111 Lincoln Road @ Miami, USA

dezeen_1111-Lincoln-Road-by-Herzog-de-Meuron_2a - Còpia

Named 1111 Lincoln Road, constructed of concrete and glass, situated in Miami Beach, is described by one of his creators, Jacques Herzog, “all muscle without cloth”, bare skeleton.

Proprietor Robert Wennett explains the building in this movie produced by filmmaker Elizabeth Priore (+ photographs by Hufton + Crow).


Visible structure without hiding inside, its main function seems to be to conventional parking, although Herzog & de Meuron don’t understand the conventionalism. As they show in this work, they want to surprise everyone that walk into this building, where nothing is what it seems.


Multi-storey car park building also plays host to parties, yoga classes and weddings. Offers luxurious homes where every detail is designed by Herzog & de Meuron, complementing their architectural vision.

Each level of the sculptural installation is full with natural light, creating a spectacular city views. At the base there are commercial spaces that offer unobstructed access to the new concept of public space they have created and transformed.


1011 Lincoln2




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