concrete coffee table

design by: rafael gomez

this coffee table is a wink at the building industry more precisely at the universe inside a building site where so many objects and shapes can be used to make any object. I decided to only choose concrete and iron but I could have chosen any sort of material. this table is simply a piece of concrete and its wire mesh torn off its wall. It is made up of a concrete top hung in its length where sticking out from the concrete at each 90 degrees bent angles the wire mesh is the legs of the table giving thus a feeling of hanging underlining at the same time the rigidity of this material. by leaving over the top of the table the print of the tool used to spread the concrete, I wanted to leave the raw feeling of the big works of the building industry. to do this table, I had to make a formwork with its wire mesh in all the length and width of the table where at each corner some already chosen wire mesh stuck out of the formwork to take the shape of the legs of the table. once I set the formwork and the wire mesh, I poured some concrete mixed with some water-repellent products. once the concrete was dry, I only had to take the formwork off and the table was finished.




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