Concrete Weekly No 2

manuela martin 1

A quick glimpse into the Yodobashi Church – Shinjuku Metropolitan Chapel Tōkyō by Inadomi Architects & Associates (1999) – photographs by the great Manuela Martin, others by her on flickr.

Check out this beautiful Indian concrete retreat on Wallpaper*, with interactive floor plan.

A great article on BDOnline pays respect to the late master of metabolism, Kisho Kurokawa. (might need to register for reading, but worth it)

manuela martin 2

Also, Jan Hemme teaches us how to cast a small combo amplifier for guitar/mp3-players in ten images, concrete iPhone5 skins for 25 Korean wons by Posh-Projects (excellent name!), and a bit more expensive concrete table from Sigurd Larsen for 1300 Euros. Or 1500, if you’ll have the bigger one.

manuela martin 3

Better think about it. Till then, a bigger & better New Year for everone!

manuela martin 4


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