Concrete Weekly No 4


Hello and welcome again to the weekly everything-about-concrete newsletter of Concretedesignblog!

Love at first sight: the cutlery above  was designed for the Copper and the Home 2012 contest by Albert Marin and Roser Quer, using recycled copper and concrete. Okay, actually it exists with wood and verdigris copper handles as well, but this one is the ultimate favourite.

Want more stuff? Here are some adorable concrete objects from Swedish artist Kent Fonn Skåre. Lovely Nixie concrete clocks from Luxembourgish designer Daniel Kurth. Beautiful sculptural pitchers by Italian design studio Vano Alto – okay, these are actually ceramics, but they really look concrete. Is that cheating?

A bit architecture: a great article on Brutalism and its rediscovered charm by Christopher Beanland in The Independent. Never a more appropriate author: Mr Beanland is also responsible for the superb Fuck Yeah Brutalism tumblr. Concrete in its best, although there are some saying exactly the opposite.

And now enough of attributes! For a week at least.


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