Concrete Weekly No.9


They say time can either fly by or it can move slowly forward with heavy steps. Sometimes we even feel like it has stopped as if it was cast in concrete. Hopefully these concrete clocks won’t make you feel that way.

We already covered IVANKA‘s Hard Times clock in our last year’s post, but it definitely has a place in our Concrete Weekly selection. The small but tough table clock is a strong statement on your desk – an essential if you want to be taken seriously at work.


Taiwanese design firm 22designstudio is trying to define the 4th dimension with their concrete wall clock. They replaced the normally flat clock face with a spiral staircase, that features different shades as time goes by. If you take a look on the hourhands, you will instantly understand at least 3 dimensions out of the 4.


22designstudio – 4th Dimension Wall Clock


The designers at Gramms in Korea know exactly what can make a concrete clock look really cute. A little pink here, a little yellow there, four very honest screws in the corners and a basic dollarstore alarm clock design – all cast in concrete. Perfection.


Gramms – TimeBrick



Looking at a selection of concrete clocks, Johan Forsberg’s URBILD clock really stands out – literally. This grandfather clock is tall like an average Swede: 195 cm and straight as an arrow. Altough it stands on the ground with its lacquered metal foot, it can easily level with wall clocks.

URBILD is tall, lean and handsome, moreover it (he?) is always on time. Easy to fall in love with, but careful with the emotions: this pretty thing is a limited edition of 180 pieces, and is already sold out.


Johan Forsberg – URBILD concrete grandfather clocks


Our last timepiece is a simple but loveable design from Israeli designer Merit Meisler. The diagonal lines that run through the clock face are able to define a circle without actually drawing one. The lines end where the numbers of the clocks are supposed to be, which makes it very easy to read the time, without using any of the clock-clichés.


Marit Meisler – Impression Concrete Wall Clock.

So which one is your favourite?


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