Abitazione Privata @ Urgnano, Italy


Is it a concrete block floating above the ground in Lombardy? No, it is a house, where you probably would like to move in.

I am so happy to be finally presenting you a project from an Italian architect, more specifically from the team of Matteo Casari Architetti. They designed a concrete cube and lifted it off the ground a little bit – exactly 1,5 meters actually. This is just too little to allow passing for an adult sized human, but just enough to show the architects’ concept clearly. So up to 1,5 meters, they used either a gap or glass to levitate this massive anthracite concrete block.


They opened exactly one comfortable entrance on the side that faces the street. Here you can enter the semi-closed porch with glazed inner facades and a visual opening to the pool. The house that is rather strict looking from the outside, offers generous open spaces inside. Not to mention the view to the pool, even from the living room.



In a residential area on the outskirts of Urgnano, Italy this small house turns its back to the neighborhood, that is apparently not so much worth seeing from your window. Therefore there are no real windows or other conventional openings towards the street, the communication with the surroundings is muted. Sadly, this very well represents the social tendencies in modern suburban developments.



High quality concrete not only turns up on the facade, but dominates the interior as well: the smooth floors are made of polished and waxed concrete in a light grey colour. These floors expand to the courtyard and the uncovered area too, leaving only a few square meters for greenery. The pool is rather inviting though, and intensifies the floating sensation if you look at the house from its angle.



So now, would you like to move in or not?





Photos © Andrea Martiradonna


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