Concrete Weekly no.12


Do you want to turn your lazy Sunday into a productive one? How about making something for your home out of concrete? We collected a few examples that will make you want to start right away.

So in this week’s Concrete Weekly I brought you some of my favourite ideas, that are easy to accomplish – and of course, they all use concrete.


Concarit candle holders by Dan Goldsmith.

The first thing you have to learn about DIY concrete objects, that your success mostly depends on the mold. You have to get creative here, in fact, the best you can do is to get crazy about the mold. There are literally no restrictions here.

Just like Dan Goldsmith, student at the Holon Institute of Technology in Israel, who designed these cushion shaped holders and named them Concarit. All he did was pouring concrete in a rectangular plastic bag, placed a heavy object on top of it, and waited until the concrete hardened. What he got was a soft looking but rather firm pillow as a decoration piece for a concrete-lovers home.


If you are looking for a paperweight, never settle for anything less than a diamond. But until you can afford a real one, you can make yourself a concrete diamond instead. The weight is pretty much the same anyways. You can find the paper mold template and an easy how-to here.


You want to make sure that you never forget to do the laundry again? Make yourself a lampstand in the shape of a laundry detergent bottle, and you will remember it first thing in the morning. Also, if you want to move your bedside lamp, you won’t have trouble finding a good grip on it. I think by now you know how to make it, but here is some help for German speakers.


We discussed it earlier, that concrete and green are not so far from each other. These DIY stepping stones show how conrete and nature can be combined – literally. Use a simple round mold and a huge textured leaf to create an organic yet manmade decoration element for your garden or your living room. It can be a stepping stone, a wall clock, a plate, or really anything you want. But make sure you use a good quality concrete if you want to step on it eventually.


Easter is coming, so it’s time to get festive with these golden topped cement Easter eggs. A perfect DIY project for your holiday preparations, and finally you can quit the hardest egg blowing and handpainting part. Just crack the bottom of some large eggs, bake something with their content, and pour cement in the clean shells. You can spray them with your favourite colour when they are dried out, and enjoy your most stylish Easter celebrations ever.

Okay, I’m off to mix up a batch myself. See you next week!


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