House Cliv @ Kleit, Belgium


There are just a few things better than exposed concrete in an interior: the combination of exposed concrete and colorful elements. House Cliv features red accents and smooth concrete surfaces for our viewing pleasure.

First of all, let’s talk about the designers: a multidisciplinary design studio based in Ghent, more exactly on New York street 2P. A bunch of talented architects and designers, who call themselves OYO – Open.Y.Office, and they are always ready for some inspirative collaboration. House Cliv is a project from 2013 that has a very contemporary and even experimental approach on residential housing, yet fits perfectly to the typical Belgian rural scenery.


All photos © Tom Janssens


The design concept was based on the simple idea of living – an open and easily readable layout is combined with practical and smart details that make the house special. The ground floor integrates the kitchen, dining an living area, as well as the garage. The ground floor is almost fully glazed, including the side that faces the neighbors, but if you have ever been in that part of Europe, it won’t surprise you at all.

And who wouldn’t want to show off a staircase like that?




But seriously, isn’t that amazing? Floating, elegant steps in wood and metal painted red – and apparently they only used a few screws to attach them to the wall. Oh, and don’t forget the invisible handrail. (If you are as much into staircases as I am, you can check ot a previous post completely dedicated to them.)



Exposed concrete and red metallic beams, who would want more?


To perfect the composition of the two above mentioned material, de architects added wood: natural, stained wood in different shades and textures. They used it on the facade, to cover the garage, and inside, for the bathroom block. Wherever warm floors were needed, they used dark hardwood, and a beautiful red stained concrete floor in the kitchen and the foyer.




An almost secret doors marks (or hides) the entrance:


Yes, there is an upstairs terrace too.


All photos © Tom Janssens



One response to “House Cliv @ Kleit, Belgium

  1. These staircases are great against a concrete wall. In Australia a balustrade is required for safety. We are an architectural design studio in Melbourne, Australia, and we love designing stunning concrete houses. One of our projects we currently work on is a luxury concrete home with an infinity pool and a similar staircase to this is in the pipeline…
    Architeria & Partners Architects

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