The Water of Life Project


Would you ever think of concrete when you are thirsty? You probably will after reading today’s post about an interesting rainwater management project from Hungary.

Water is the core of life: it is the most important component in every living creature, we need it to be healthy, happy, to survive. We can use it in many ways, and not just through consumption. There is no industry that could exist without water, not to mention the obvious: agriculture. They say the biggest danger to our civilization is that one day we can run out of drinkable water.

And this is where inventors, engineers and designers can step in, and take their part in saving the planet. Hungarian concrete design firm IVANKA released a project that can completely reinterpret the way we think about water, especially rainwater.


“Rain is the initial, the most important and purest renewable source of the freshwater cycle – a much better choice than any other source such as lakes, rivers or mineral waters from underground. The technology we developed represents a high ethical value as it turns rain into the highest quality drinking water in a pure and natural way of processing. It provides access to affordable clean water for small and big scale users, from families to big companies, leaving the smallest possible ecological footprint in the process.” – say Katalin and Andras Ivanka, co-owners of IVANKA.

But why are we talking about this on Because the key element of their project is concrete, in its purest form. Their firm specializes in concrete: they produce colorful and eye-catching tiles, smooth and minimal wall panels, extraordinary furnitures and even garments out of it. Now they decided to add a remarkable project to their already versatile porftolio.


Flaster concrete tiles from IVANKA

The Water of Life is a revolutionary project developed to collect rainwater and to turn it into the highest quality drinking water, filtered through a special bio concrete system. This innovation can easily have a global impact on rainwater management, and could also change the way how we think about sustainability in architecture.

Ivanka will present their project The Water of Life at the Milan Design Week starting tomorrow. We will be there to bring you some exciting news, so stay tuned!


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