Rainhouse 1:1 model in Milan


It’s about time we start taking rainwater more seriously.

In a previous post we introduced you to an outstanding innovation in the application of concrete: the Water of Life project by IVANKA. A 1:1 model of the system is on display in the Superstudio Piú gardens in Milan as we speak, and I am here to show you how cool it looks.


Can you spot the designers in the picture?


The set of IVANKA’s design week exhibition at Superstudio Più gardens is RAINHOUSE, a 1:1 scale demonstration model of the real system. At RAINHOUSE visitors can preview and taste the first harvested pure rainwater collection. Here IVANKA also tells about the future harvesting rainwater stations and their vision foreseeing the possible impact of this technology on worldwide water management both in economical, social and environmental fields.


As the designers, Katalin and Andras Ivanka comment: “Because of the global population growth more and more freshwater is needed on Earth. Freshwater is an indispensable material of life but unfortunately nowadays it is becoming more and more difficult to get it. In the near future priority of human needs will be inverted and among others, freshwater will be appreciated. It will be more important than oil or precious metals.”



The Milan showcase has an important antecedent: the system is continously being tested on the designers’ own land in the Balaton Uplands National Park in Hungary. Geographic parameters here are suitable for the project: the nearby Lake Balaton is the largest freshwater-surface of Europe, so the air is especially pure and rainfalls are favorably frequent in that region.


The system is based on IVANKA’s new material innovation: bio-concrete. It has a pH neutral orientation and bio-compatible influences on the water. Both the technical specification of this material and the process itself distinguishes this new system from the traditional ways of rainwater collection.

The specific technology allows filtering raw rain only physically in a strictly natural way without chemicals, so the equipment can produce the highest quality, sun-distilled drinking water.



Here is an idea how to turn your stools into fluffy clouds in no time.


The filtered water is collected in these pretty bubble bottles for the visitors to taste.



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