3D printed concrete houses in Shanghai


3D printed buildings are nothing new, but hey, a construction company in China built them from less than $5000.

I am sure I don’t have to introduce you to 3D printing, and you probably have heard of the architectural use of this technology too. If you are a little bit familiar with the system, you will know that the most suitable material for this technique is anything that works by the same principles as concrete.


Although a 3D printed house sounds a little bit crazy, it is actually possible, and an innovative firm in China already tried it in a real project. And do you know what is the most suprising fact about it? That it wasn’t even expensive.


A small community of partially 3D printed houses was built in Shanghai in less than a day – and a cost of one unit was only $4800. The Chinese company Win Sun Decoration Desing Engineering Co. did not want to take a risk: they printed the concrete parts beforehand, and they assembled them on site.


The 3D printer that was responsible for the process measures 499x33x20 feet and it printed each of the structural elements from the beams to the bracing.



The ingredients of the building material include recycled construction waste, industrial waste and glass fibers. According to the company, this could cut down the construction costs to half, which makes it an affordable building technique that could be suitable for low-cost social housing. The short construction time can be very useful when building in disaster zones, where fast and effective housing is needed.


Photos from 3ders.org.

If you have better ones, send them our way 😉


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