G-Star Raw store @ Amsterdam Schiphol airport


Looks like G-Star Raw is now truly connected to concrete: all of their new stores feature this majestic material, this time a brand store at Amsterdam Schiphol airport.

The famous Dutch fashion brand just recently opened a new store at the busy Schiphol airport in Amsterdam. Transacting international and overseas flight routes, this is one of the most important airports in Western Europe.


The travellers arriving to this airport don’t only find the typical wooden clogs and the tulips, but can also get a hint of the Dutch sense of style and quality through brand stores like G-Star. The brand has become connected with one building material, which they prefer to use in the stores’ interiors all over Europe: the raw and beautiful concrete.

Designing for such a high transit ‘shopping mall’ can be tricky. The brand store has a corner portal at Schiphol, which gives new opportunities for the interior designers and the manufacturers to show off some skills: the glass and the concrete panels follow the curve of the corner, and the logo and the displays are integrated perfectly in the wall panels.


As in other G-Star Raw stores all over the Netherlands and Europe, the brand collaborated with the Hungarian designer firm IVANKA. As a world renowned manufacturer and designer of concrete products, IVANKA shares the Dutch infatuation with quality. We will most likely see more collaborations between G-Star and IVANKA in the near future.


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