Concrete Apartment @ Nagoya, Japan


I think we can agree that a little concrete works perfectly in an interior. But how would you like that if it was literally ALL over the place?

Apparently it is not a problem for the couple who especially requested this material from the architects at Airhouse Design Office. Turns out, the clients’ love for concrete, glass and iron is only outshined by their passion for fashion. This resulted in an extraordinary new layout for the 40-year-old, originally rectangular shaped house, that now features a spacious walk-in closet that doubles up as a glazed display for newly bought clothes.



The project is a renovation of a 40-year-old reinforced concrete house in Jiyugaoka. The architects first added angles to the originally rectilinear layout, and formed the new, irregularly shaped spaces with concrete. The surfaces are polished to create a smooth finish where it’s needed, but mostly they are just left raw, with smeared plaster and chipped edges.




The biggest attraction of the house is definitely the long corridor with a glazed window on one side. This is where the freshly bought clothes are on display, creating an ever changing decoration for this space. Behind the sliding glass panels hang the dresses, and even a mannequin was put here to show off different outfits, according to the season.




Let’s not forget that this space is sill a corridor, so behind the glass panels there are doors hidden in the concrete wall: the bathrooms can be reached from here.




The biggest space in the house is an open-plan living room with a kitchen and a dining area. Even the furnitures here are made of concrete: the desks and the kitchen worktops have a smooth and cleanable surface. The visible building engineering items like pipes create an industrial look, but they are mixed with the Japanese purity and minimalism. The ‘stepping stones’ in the corridor reminds us of the wonderful Japanese gardens, only with a new, modern feel.


All photos © Toshiyuki Yano


How would you like to have a shop window and so much concrete in your apartment? Would you like to move in here?



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