Transformation of a water tower @ De Wieden, The Netherlands


These Dutch guys did it again. Transforming a water tower into a spectacular watchtower in a nature reserve? Not a problem!

And this is not even the first time that the designers at Zecc Architects take a water tower and turn it into something very different. They did it in 2011: they converted a water tower into a 9-story home with an adorable minimalistic interior. In the country of industrial monuments, it was likely they would find another water tower to work on, and they did.



In the middle of De Wieden nature reserve in The Netherlands, the St. Jansklooster Watchtower offers a 360 degree view of the surrounding natural treasures. The historic watertower used to supply the area with water, and it was considered a national treasure, which only made the architects’ job more interesting.




Although according to the national monument regulations, no changes could be made on the exterior, the architects made sure the tower offers a unique experience to the visitors. The original structure already flashed a majestic concrete interior, so all they did was to add a wooden staircase leading up to the 45 meters high lookout point.


As the visitors walk up the stairs, they pass through the different levels of the watertower, including the original water tank. The 360 degree view is waiting for them on the top behind the 8 windows that look out on to De Wieden.




All photos © Stijn Poelstra


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