Glebe House @ Sydney, Australia


When a family decides to extend their house with a few rooms, it’s always a good decision to go with concrete.

So did the family in Sydney and they hired Nobbs Radford Architects for the job. They created an extraordinary facade at the rear of the house: a concrete push and pull game with greath depth and texture. The windows are pulled back, which makes the outer walls look like as they were one meter thick.




As the architects, Alison Nobbs and Sean Radford say: “The depth of the rear facade creates an interstitial threshold, which is a space in itself to be occupied and provide a sense of enclosure.”




The two-storey extension has an open layout with spacious living spaces that connect right with the garden. Concrete surfaces continue in the interior as well, but they are softened by the warmth of the oak furnitures and the pine floors.




The oak staircase that leads to the second floor study, and the mezzanine above the children’s playroom are artworks themselves. They are also in perfect harmony with all the other furniture in the house: the built in kitchen, the dining and the wardrobes.


The space opens up towards the garden: the ceilings are two storey high here, adding a generous amount of air and light to the room, and a sense of freedom to the inhabitants.

All photos © Murray Fredericks.


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