Shell Villa @ Kitasaku, Japan


Have you ever used Archicad 15? Did you always think that the picture on the opening screen is just a nice render? I sure did. And turns out, the concrete curves as the outer shell of a house is not only possible in renders, and the Shell Villa was actually built in Kitasaku, Japan. The innovative design team at ARTechnic shows a new direction in architecture: a rather sculpture-like and still futuristic one.




This villa from 2008 looks like a comfortable spaceship that deliberately landed in a forest in Japan. Once there, they built a nice wooden terrace and broad stairs that grow around the existing flora and are in harmony with the surroundings.




In reality, this supernatural creature was conceived by the innovative minds at ARTechnic studio of Japan. The shape is similar to a rolled up newspaper (or rather architectural blueprints), with glazed vertical surfaces on each sides. These are responsible for letting natural light into the modern interior space, with the help of a few round skylights (it would be hard to call them windows) that were cut into the shell.



The layout and the furnishing is rather modern and unconventional, but the timber floors and furniture pieces make sure it is not too futuristic. The wall mounted lamps and floor lights illuminate the house when it gets dark outside, and the spaceship-theory comes back again.




Either spaceship or a roll of paper, this house is a true product of the 21th century, and as one, it wouldn’t be possible without the help of computers.



All photos © Nacasa & Partners Inc.


2 responses to “Shell Villa @ Kitasaku, Japan

  1. The way the whole concept here has been fully realised through to the garden – and even the gateway – is superb. So often you see an amazing house that sits on an unloved plot or poorly designed outside space.

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