Casa Marielitas @ Buenos Aires, Argentina


Who said concrete creates a cold atmosphere? There is nothing cold about this family house by Estudio Dayan Arquitectos, and not just because it’s in the sunny Buenos Aires.

The architects said a family house needs the following things to be complete: “... a living room and kitchen in one space unified articulated, three bedrooms, and service areas, a ground floor of a public nature and a high floor more private. Towards the bottom a generous garden, pool, barbecue and a service package lying on the dividing background.”





They created a very livable environment for a family following these basic principles. They combined two L shaped volumes, generating spatial situations like patios, covered terraces and overhangs. They used airy glass surfaces combinded with raw concrete. The white curtains used in the interior turn the full length windows into ever-changing walls that divide the outside world from the inside of the house.





The dark hardwood floors and the soft textiles give the interior a very warm and cosy feel, which is amplified by the sight of the palm trees and other exotic plants in the courtyards.




The contrast of transparency and opacity is a basic element of the concept: unexpected sights can occur anywhere in the house: you can look down or up or through a glass where you would least expect it.


One of the prettiest parts of the house is definitely the staircase that is not placed in the center of the space, but is highlighted by a mini tropical garden underneath, and some very smartly positioned lights.



All photos and images © Estudio Dayan Arquitectos


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