Residential Building @ Zug, Switzerland


When we talk about concrete and Switzerland, Valerio Olgiati’s name has to come up eventually. This time we will show you a residential building by his office with an extraordinary facade.

Swiss architect Valerio Olgiati is known for his theoretical and eduational work – he taught at different well known architectural schools such as ETH Zurich, Architectural Association School of Architecture London, Cornell University at Ithaca, New York and since 2009 he holds the Kenzo Tange Chair at Harvard University.


This residential block in Zug, Switzerland features a sculpture-like facade in red-brown concrete poured in situ. The elliptical openings of the terraces serve as an extension of the space. They are meant to make the inhabitants feel like they are in the centre of all, visually isolated from their neighbors.



These extended terraces are connected to the living area of the apartments, and they are facing West. Although Switzerland is not known for the unbearable heat, it is important at a new building to protect the glass surfaces from the sun, which the facade is also designed to do.


Other than the function, this elliptic-holed facade is also very cool, or as the architects put it: “Seen from a distance the floor plates projecting from the facade with their elliptical openings look like flying carpets with ornamental borders.”

All photos © Javier Miguel Verme


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