Garcia’s House @ Cancún, Mexico


You can find concrete in all different forms and finishes in this Mexico home. But this is not the only thing why we love this project from Warm Architects.

You will find out what we fell for as soon as you see a picture of the pre-cast concrete staircase that dominates the ground floor of this house in Cancún, Mexico. We never tried to hide our infatuation for staircases here at concretedesignblog, and this one from Warm Architects really touched our sensitive spot.



The house was designed for a couple without children, so the architects could work with an open plan and brave solutions in the details. For example the staircase, where they didn’t have to add a balustrade in the lower part, so they could create a structure that is almost floating is space.


The thin balustrade on the upper part hides the concrete structure, and visually creates the negative of the lower part. As the line of the staircase turns, the structure becomes more and more visible, and the beautifully toned concrete starts to show.



They used different local additives to the cement, which created varying tones in the interior and on the external surfaces. They offer a great complement to the other surfaces present: the clear glass, the light blue tiles of the pool and the wall with black tiles at the rear of the pool.



In the interior they kept everything as simple as possible: white painted walls, huge glass windows with black steel frames and exposed concrete in sometimes unexpected places, like the side of the mezzanine floor.


The openings of the facade are also a little unpredictable but still logical. In its dense neighborhood, the house shows a rather uncommunicative facade to the street: a sheltered car parking and a smooth concrete wall with only two windows that are pulled back deeply into the mass of the house.



On the other side, the living areas open up to the courtyard with the pool and some exotic greenery. On the second floor and on the plot deviding walls there are some unexpected vertical openings that offer views of the surrounding greenery.


All photos © Wacho Espinoza


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